Professional Development Workshops

Since 2013 Genevieve has delivered training for hundreds of educators in a variety of countries including Greece, Kenya, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Morocco, Belgium and Egypt.

Authentic Assessment Design and Implementation

Students are more engaged when learning about topics that are directly relevant to their lives. Designing units and assessments around 'real-world' contexts ensures that learning objectives are meaningful, and increases student motivation and achievement. Engaging students while still meeting state-mandated curriculum topics requires a creative approach to curriculum design that is easier and more enjoyable when teachers work together.


Interdisciplinary Strategies

Many school districts and national education programs are mandating more interdisciplinary projects, but teachers need support. Understanding how to work collaboratively between departments, how to design authentic learning experiences that mirror real-life situations, and how to harmoniously integrate it all within state-mandaded frameworks requires a strategic approach.

Tailor with Measuring Tape

Concept-based Teaching and Learning

In the 21st century, 'facts' are undergoing intense scrutiny. While a commitment to truth and scientific understanding is key, memorization of names, dates and formulae are just the foundation of learning. Deeper understanding happens when we extend from the factual foundations of 'content' and explore the conceptual frameworks interlinking the world around us. Analyzing concepts is the new measure of academic success, and requires a keen revision of how we design our curriculum content for specific purposes.

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Differentiation and Inclusion

In order to have equality in our diverse society, we need schools that care about students' individual needs and learning styles. Listening and keeping an open mindset are crucial attrubutes for all teachers, but support and training are also key in helping educators to prepare for agile learning environments. With a few key strategies, schools can effectively include more students with a variety of cognitive, physical and emotional learning challenges, to the benefit of the entire community. Differentiation also means providing appropriately challenging opportunities for students to grow to their full potential.

Teacher and Young Student