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Genevieve was extremely competent in differentiation of tasks and activities for participants who struggled with the language of the workshop. She demonstrated an outstanding level of empathy to ensure that all the participants were challenged beyond their own skill level, able to contribute, and could develop a higher understanding of the workshop content. Genevieve’s patience, caring approach, and skill should be commended.

Mike Weston, International Baccalaureate field representative and
Head of School, International School Groningen, Netherlands

It has been wonderful working with Genevieve in forming the vision for our school!  Genevieve brings a strong background and years of experience working not just as a consultant but also as a teacher in international settings. She was competently able to answer all my questions regarding curriculum, pedagogy and the hiring process.  She is a thoughtful and considered leader who clearly values quality in her work and has been able to advise on both the big picture and the practical details of our endeavour.  I would highly recommend working with Genevieve on your educational project in bringing both creative vision, rigour and professional discipline to support the growth of your vision.

Caroline Watson, founder, Cedars School at the Centre for Arts and Leadership, France

Genevieve has been a wonderful mentor  over the past 18 months. She has been generous with her time and resources, offering sage advice on everything from classroom teaching strategies to long-term career planning. Genevieve has always allowed me to direct our discussions based on my needs at the time. She poses perceptive questions, truly listens to the responses and uses this to help me construct a plan for my next steps.

Bridget Martin, fifth year international teacher, Melbourne, Australia

Genevieve did a great job presenting the various aspects of MYP assessment and adjusting to the various needs and backgrounds of the group. This workshop has reinvigorated my thinking around assessment strategies and reaffirmed many pedagogical views around how I use, and should be using, assessment within the curriculum. I now have clear ideas of things I want to do right away, in the foreseeable future and at the start at the next year academic year.

David Starzynski, Managing Assessment workshop participant, Thessaloniki, Greece


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  • Mar 13, 9:00 AM
    Genevieve will speak on themes of Assessment Feedback, Authenticity, and the Role of the Historian for three sessions at this online conference for leaders and teachers of English speaking schools worldwide. We hope you will join!

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