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As a consultant, Genevieve offers support for schools undergoing curriculum and organizational changes, such as:

  • Integrating a concept-based curriculum within a national or state-mandated curriculum framework.

  • Bringing diversity awareness and international-mindedness to existing traditional curriculae and resource materials.

  • Strategizing collaborative approaches to practical and philosophical changes in approaches to teaching and learning.

  • Re-imagining assessment and reporting methods to align staff and student well-being with the school’s mission and vision, without compromising academic rigor.

  • Inspiring school communities to embrace research-based innovations in education to improve not only academic results, but community well-being.

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Professional Development

With over 8 years experience delivering IB workshops in countries throught Africa, Europe and the Middle East, Genevieve is skilled in meeting the unique needs of each learning community. Virtual and in-person teacher training workshops are possible for classroom teaching methods and philosophy including Differentiation and Inclusion, Inquiry, Authenticity, International-Mindedness, Feedback and Assessment.

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As a teacher mentor, Genevieve offers one-on-one support for new teachers and established professionals seeking to define or revitalize their own approaches to curriculum and instruction. She also offers career guidance and job search support for those seeking advancement in international education.