Career Mentoring Services

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One-on-one professional coaching

Teaching can feel isolated sometimes. Having a career mentor to share strategies for reducing stress, help you reflect on your strengths, and point you toward the right path for career advancement can make all the difference. Coaching can take many forms. Inquire to see which package would be right for you:
- Career guidance and interview advice for the international market
- Classroom observation and appraisal feedback
- Curriculum and assessment design practice
- Classroom management and relationship building
- Leadership and team dynamics
- School inspection and accreditation guidance
- Bespoke services


Year-long professional development group for K-12 educators.

Join our year-long group program for early to mid-career teachers as we explore together what thriving in education looks like in the 21st century. We re-define what effective professional development can be through regular group meetings, peer feedback, and shared goal-setting to make impactful changes to your classroom practice and long-term career goals.

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